• 'Make Love Not War' is what inspired us making our Camo Peace Tee. Taking a batch of true vintage tee's, a fresh creme statement print and a lot of love on our mind, we have created a style that truly will influence you and the ones around you. 

    Vintage Camo Peace Tee

    Option 1
      • Model is wearing a size 1 (small)
      • Vintage Tee.
      • Color: Camouflage with white print
      • Hand-pulled screen print.     
      • Always made in small batches
    • Size 1:

      Bust 18"/48cm  Length 26"/68 cm


      Size 2:

      Bust 19"/50 cm  Length 27"/70 cm


      Size 3:

      Bust 21"/53 cm  Length 28"/72 cm

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